About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an industry leader in the rapidly increasing need for reasonable and trustworthy alternatives to:


  • Institutionalized living environments
  • Caregiver “burnout”
  • Loss of independence

Our Mission

Personalized Home Care Services is a client-oriented organization dedicated to the highest quality personal care in a home-based setting for seniors, ill or disabled, recovering patients or anyone in need of assistance in the home.

Our company’s goal are two-fold:

1. To provide compassionate assistance to families and caregivers who are in need of a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on.

2. To make it our business to ensure your loved one is as comfortable, healthy and happy as we would make our own dear family members.

“Personalize Home Care Services is completely dedicated to ensuring the clients and the families we care for live as they deserve: Safe, Content and Stress-free!”

Our Clients

As we live longer and often times more physically challenging lives, many of us and our family members derive a need for care aside from a hospital setting. PHCS is happy to provide you with all of your short term and long term personal home care needs. We cater to a variety of clients in need of a capable and compassionate hand.


Growing older may bring a multitude of hurdles for some of us. Just because we aren’t able to do all of the things for ourselves and around the house that we used to, that doesn’t have to mean forfeiting our independence. PHCS works with our clients and their families to ensure living at home is a pleasure, not a hardship.

Accident or Illness Recovery

These days, hospitals allow for very little recovery time in their facilities after treatment, surgery or illness.

We at PHCS understand the anxiety that comes with dealing with a major health issue only to be sent home, in many cases, far too early for comfort. We’ll be there to help with the transition from coming home from the hospital back to good health.

Disabled or Long Term Illness

Some families have loved ones that are faced with a disability or long term illness and require special or constant care and perhaps restriction to the home. We at PHCS are always pleased to be able to assist families that desire their loved ones to remain at home – usually a far more comfortable and affordable environment than a nursing home.



“Your well-being is our pride; genuine care is our pleasure.”

Our Staff

Our staff at PHCS is comprised of a highly motivated group that shares in the company’s vision of providing outstanding care and support to our clients and their families.

Our Personal Aides are extremely valued members of the organization and are selected based on possessing a required set of traits.

Each of our Personal Aides, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers are:

They are committed to providing personal care with the highest regard to client dignity and respect.

They bring a smile and warm disposition with them to every visit.

Honest and Tactful
They understand that saying what must be said is just as important as how and when you say it.

Because your home is your private haven, they understand and fully respect your privacy and confidentiality.

In addition to our Personal Aides being bonded and insured, each member has received and passed a personality and drug test prior to joining our organization.

Think you have what it takes to be part of our team?

Who We Are

Personalize Home Care Services

Personalized Home Care Services aspires to be the leading home care company in Southeast Michigan and the surrounding communities. Need in-home care for a senior, disabled person, or recovering patient? Request a care visit today! (248) 621-1111

Medicare CertifiedCHAP Accredited BBB Accredited Business

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28021 Southfield Road
Suite 200
Lathrup Village, MI 48076
Phone: 248-621-1111
Fax: 248-621-2222

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